Calling all trend-setters, fashionistas, and brightest crayons in the box – the Blue Latte is this season’s hottest new fad. It’s a Jaffa-flavoured hot drink concoction that’s coming to a Jamaica Blue near you for just over two weeks from July 6.

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This delicious steaming hot drink is a hot chocolate at its heart, but to make it as special as you are, we’re using a white chocolate base, and adding a hit of blue curacao syrup to give it a vibrant colour to add plenty of pizzazz to your social media stories and your day.

Our Blue Latte’s get their unique colour and delicious Jaffa flavour from blue curacao syrup, which when combined with white chocolate decadence powder and your choice of milk, creates a velvety caffeine-free winter treat. Blue Curacao traditionally is made from the dried peel of the Laraha citrus fruit, grown on the southern Caribbean island of Curacao.

Monin blue curacao syrup takes inspiration from these origins, providing an alcohol-free alternative that features orange extract sourced from around the world. This slight citrus tang works perfectly with the creamy white chocolate for a wonderful warm treat that will make you forget all about the rain and wind outside. As with all our hot drink options, you can choose from full-cream milk, skim milk, almond, or soy.

The idea behind the Blue Latte is to celebrate creativity and fun, grab attention, to encourage self-expression and dare to be a little different. It’s a way of finding warmth and enjoyment with friends, whether that’s in person to try the Blue Latte together, or over the net from cities across Australia and New Zealand as you share creative snaps online.

And don’t forget – the Blue Latte is available from July, which means it’s in store at the same time as our new Winter Menu, so you can try something different to eat as you enjoy something different to drink. Caribbean Crew loyalty members will even receive a free coffee for every $25 spent in store, so you have every reason – or excuse – to come in over the next few weeks for catch ups, tasty food and drink, and showing the world just how bright and unique you can be.