Summer Menu Is Here

Celebrate summer with our brand new summer creations!

To celebrate life after lockdown in so many parts of Australia, our team at Jamaica Blue has created a brand new mouth-watering Summer Menu with tasty, vibrant flavours!

Think seasonal flavour combinations like lemon & herb, and new additions like hot smoked salmon ?, acai and polenta-based cornbread… Plus a focus on premium ingredients and refreshing cold drinks, we simply cannot wait to share with you!

Take a peek at some of our new summer favourites!

Acai Bowl: Not just delicious to look at, Acai bowls (pro tip – its pronounced “ah-sigh-ee) are the quintessential summer treat! The acai berry is potently high in nutrients and a strong source of antioxidants. Did you know… Acai berries contain almost ten times the level of antioxidants found in blueberries?! This is a Summer treat that’s good for your taste buds AND your body!

Citrus Pancakes: Two fluffy pancakes topped with lemon curd, vanilla ice cream, almond, lemon & coconut crumble.  Lovingly made and created by your local Jamaica Blue team – have a taste and let us know what you think!

2 Cheese Mushroom Wrap: A delicious vegetarian option for any cheese lover! Enjoy the fetta and riccota in this wrap, along with healthy spinach, tomatoes & herbs.

Hot Smoked Salmon & Sweet Potato Rosti: How is this for a decadent meal? ? A fantastic way to get some healthy omega-3 fatty acids into your diet. This indulgence comes with sautéed spinach on the side, topped with toasted almonds and capsicum puree & a poached egg… Oh my, we can’t be the only ones drooling right now?


Along with our fresh range of tasty meals, we’re excited to introduce new icy cold Summer drinks including the Acai smoothie, Super Power Smoothie, Orange Blossom Soda and Dark Choc Honeycomb Shake.

What are you waiting for? Celebrate Summer and life post-lockdown with our delicious new creations. We look forward to serving you in store!

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