A Taste of Summer

Summer HAS ARRIVED EARLY, which brings with it fresh new flavours!

This November, Jamaica Blue cafes will refresh menus to include new, tasty and vibrant flavours, just in time for summer.

For us, it’s always been about making the most of locally sourced, seasonal produce and creating a space where you can share delicious food, drink the best coffee with your favourite people (or even an escape for you to enjoy a little me-time!).

Earlier this year, we asked for your help via Facebook/Instagram in helping us create the ultimate Big Breakfast.

As a result of the breakfast battles, we’ve updated our Jamaica Blue Big Breakfast recipe ready for summer with  eggs your way, grilled bacon and chorizo, roasted trussed tomatoes,  grilled haloumi cheese, hash brown, baby spinach and sourdough toast.

Jamaica Blue New Summer Menu 2018Honest to goodness, how delicious does our new Jamaica Blue Big Breakfast look?

Check out some of our new summer favourites!

Avocado Smash & Maple Bacon: Sourdough toast topped with smashed avocado, fetta cheese, seeds, maple glazed bacon, poached egg & herb garnish

Eggs Florentine: Poached eggs, sautéed baby spinach, toasted ciabatta muffin and warm hollandaise. Why not add a side of smoked Atlantic Salmon or bacon to take it up a notch!

Just sayin’…. If these aren’t #brunchgoals, then we’re not sure what is! So who’s up for a brekky date?

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