Winter Single Origin Coffee from Nariño, Colombia

Here’s your chance to try coffee from an ex-volcanic region! Jamaica Blue’s Winter Single Origin, Inga Mystique, comes from Nariño, a beautiful region in South Colombia that is famous for its high-quality speciality coffees. This region has steep mountains with rich volcanic soil, stable climates with high rainfall and good temperature, as well as high altitudes which contributes to the slow and steady growth of the coffee cherries.

This coffee is fully washed, meaning the cherry is removed early in the process and the green beans are submerged in clean water. Here it is fermented for roughly 18 hours before it is removed and dried, ready for export.

Available for a limited time only. The Inga Mystique is a prime example of the advanced farming methods & perfect growing conditions that the southern mountains of Colombia have to offer. Expect flavours of crisp green grape, black tea, vanilla and get ready to come back for more!

Coffee tips & Food Pairings

During our selection process, this coffee came out on top of a total of 14 coffees that we cupped and tasted. This coffee captures the quality and consistency that Colombia coffees are so famous for. To fully appreciate the tasting notes of green grape, black tea and vanilla, try this exotic coffee as a delicious long black, espresso or flat white!

Feeling peckish? Escape & Refresh in one of our cafes with a warm meal and coffee! We recommend enjoying this limited edition Single Origin coffee with food pairings such as Raspberry Pancakes (seen in above picture), Eggs Benny or our 4 Cheese Open Pita.


Name: Inga Mystique
Producer: Medina Espejo
Region: Nariño
Country: Colombia
Process: Washed
Varietal: Caturra, Castillo
Altitude: 1980masl – 2100masl
Tasting Notes: Crisp Green Grape, Black Tea & Vanilla.

The Inga Mystique Single Origin coffee is available for a limited time only, so head to your nearest Jamaica Blue franchise to enjoy this delicious cup or if test out your barista skills and buy yourself a take-home bag! You can also buy a take-home bag via the Jamaica Blue online shop.
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