Summer Single Origin from El Peñón, Nicaragua

Jamaica Blue releases its new seasonal single origin just in time for the Australian Summer! Enjoy this truly exceptional coffee from the El Peñón on the La Bastilla Estate in Jinotega, Nicaragua.

Nicaraguan coffees are some of the best specialty coffees in the world. As a coffee growing nation, they have been asserting their reputation on the global specialty coffee scene for having dynamic coffee varietals and advanced processing methods. Nicaraguan coffees have the benefit of being grown in mountainous regions with access to volcanic soil & unique weather conditions.

The El Peñón is a naturally processed coffee, meaning it’s hand-picked when the cherries are very ripe then it’s slowly and carefully sun-dried to ferment the flavours within the coffee cherry, producing the amazing taste of this coffee. With intense sweetness and more festive flavours to suit the summer season, you will taste notes of pineapple, fresh cocoa & blueberries!


Escape & refresh this Summer with our limited edition single origin coffee from El Peñón, Nicaragua. This coffee provides a juicy and sweet cup perfect for the warmer months, and tastes delicious as either a black or milk-based coffee.  With notes of, pineapple, fresh cocoa, blueberry, you won’t be disappointed. We recommend enjoying this coffee in a refreshing iced long black – It’ll bring out the overall sweetness of the bean!


Name: El Peñón Microlot
Producer: La Bastilla
Region: Jinotega
Country: Nicaragua
Process: Natural
Varietal: Red Catuai
Altitude: 1350m
Certifications: Rainforest Alliance Certified
Prep: Natural, sun-dried. Picked at final stage of ripeness

The  El Peñón, Nicaragua Single Origin coffee is available for a limited time only, so head to your nearest Jamaica Blue franchise to enjoy this delicious cup or if test out your barista skills and buy yourself a take-home bag! You can also buy a take-home bag via the Jamaica Blue online shop.
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