Maple & Honey Iced Coffee Recipe by @brewtails

We were fortunate enough to celebrate Coffee Appreciation Month with @brewtails who created a refreshing Maple and Honey Iced Coffee recipe using our limited edition Costa Rica Single Origin beans as part of our #CoffeeReimagined campaign. Our Costa Rica beans have been sourced from the Coope Tarrazu region, one of the most famous coffee-growing regions in Costa Rica. The tropical and volcanic environment creates a smooth silky coffee with rich milk chocolate flavours and a nutty pecan finish with a crispy citrus intensity.

You can create this refreshing yet delicious recipe at home with our limited edition Costa Rica Single Origin – buy these beans at your local Jamaica Blue, or order online.

Take advantage of a warm day with this easy and refreshing iced coffee at home!

Maple and Honey Iced Coffee by @brewtails

You will need:
2 cups of filter brewed Jamaica Blue’s Costa Rica Single Origin Coffee
1 x Generous Teaspoon Of Maple Syrup
1 x Not so generous Teaspoon Of Honey
500mls of a milk of your choice

With your preferred filter method, brew 500mls of delicious coffee using 30g of Jamaica Blue’s Costa Rica Single Origin.

Stir in your dollop of Maple Syrup until dissolved and pour equally into your mums Ice cube tray.

When fully frozen, tower the cubes in a tall glass and pour over your milk.

Gently stir in a little honey cause you deserve it and enjoy!

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