Jamaica Blue Scores Top Award For Returning To Its Roots

Jamaica Blue has won the QSR Media Award for ‘Best Brand Transformation’ of the year after its return to the brand’s vibrant Jamaican roots. The franchise network’s reinvigoration of its origins has delivered a refreshing personality makeover for all aspects of its marketing and customer experience.

Underpinning the new quirky, bold and vibrant identity is an energised brand evolution strategy to inform both current and new customers of the promise that Jamaica Blue is the place to ‘Escape and Refresh’.

General Manager for Jamaica Blue, Drew Eide said the brand at its inception over 25 years ago had a very distinct connection to the world’s finest coffee from the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, and the island’s relaxed and quirky culture.

“Over time we have strayed somewhat from that important connection, so we have taken a path back to our roots and rediscovered what we love about that amazing place and our offer. The result is a really exciting design and experience led overhaul for our customers and early results from the initial roll-out are exceptionally encouraging,” he said.

Judges were impressed with the innovation, fresh approach and contemporary spin on a brand that’s been part of the Australia cafe culture for nearly three decades.

The Jamaican-inspired theme will permeate the marketing and the offer, from the typeface and the colour palette to the future store fit-out, food and drink offers and even a Caribbean twist on the music customers will experience. The strategy aims to deliver a passionate and proud story through every aspect of the business and service model.

A contemporary revision of the logo adopts the distinctive triangles from the idyllic island’s national flag, as well as representing the roots of the brand – the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. This is reinterpreted throughout the creative along with friendly and quirky typefaces to communicate offers and campaigns.

Melissa Wei, Marketing & Customer Experience Manager said the creative work was informed by an across the board commitment to a customer experience framework that is enabling the brand team to really connect their concepts with the customer journey.

“It is our guiding light and we are delighted with the results. Winning this award provides enormous encouragement for us to deliver what we love at Jamaica Blue with revitalised enthusiasm to our marketplace,” she said.

She said the creative energy and guidance from their multi award-winning agency Frost* Collective helped drive and deliver the design strategy and congratulated them on participating in the win.