Viral Pineapple Hack

Have you seen the viral pineapple hack where the “berries” are plucking straight from the fruit?! Is this the new way to peel a pineapple?

When we first saw it on social media, we were mind blown. So naturally, we decided to test the theory to see if it actually works. We got ourselves a pineapple, cut the top off and dug our fingers in to puck off the pineapple berries.

See how it all went down:

Does it work? Technically yes; you can pull apart the pineapple. Was it easy? Not at all. We were left with very sore fingers and it took a lot of muscle to peel each individual piece.

We found this method of eating pineapple was messy with the juices flying all over the place & it wasn’t the easiest or simplest way to consume the tropical fruit. You’re better off cutting it with a knife which will saving you time and hardly any clean up! Check out our step-by-step guide to cutting a pineapple. 

The hack would work better on a very ripe pineapple. We spoke to the pineapple experts, Pure Gold Pineapple who said that the pineapple used in the viral videos were over-ripe, ready for the compost pile to be able to break away like that. The perfect pineapple, ready for your eating pleasure, is firm and not soft.

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