Celebrating Australia’s Love Affair with Coffee

March is Caffeine Appreciation Month


Sydney, AUSTRALIA March 8, 2018 — Jamaica Blue is inviting coffee-lovers Australia-wide to come together in celebration of Caffeine Appreciation Month this March.

According to Jeremy Regan, Head of Coffee at Jamaica Blue, it’s only fitting that we celebrate here in Australia, a nation notorious for its love of coffee.

“This month is a chance for coffee lovers to celebrate their favourite brew and reflect on how the love of coffee has embedded itself deep into our culture.”

“Whether it’s in the car on the way to work, your excuse for taking five in the midst of a busy day or enjoyed with friends on the weekend, one thing is certain — coffee means me-time,” says Jeremy.

According to Jeremy, this is his driving force to ensuring Jamaica Blue cafes are always serving the finest beans, both in the blend and single origin offering.

Jeremy’s dedication is no doubt a crucial factor in Jamaica Blue taking out the Overall Large Franchise Champion at the 12th Pentair Everpure Golden Bean Roaster’s competition last year.

To gain a new appreciation for the crop to cup process, Jeremy challenges coffee lovers to ask their local barista about the coffee they’re drinking.

Jeremy adds, “a good barista knows how important it is to keep the work space clean and the importance of hygiene and intricate details that are required when making each coffee. Milk is never to be reheated and equipment should be cleaned between each coffee, despite how chaotic the cafe may be.”

“The perfect cup is relative, but when it comes to superiority on Aussie soil, we’re looking for a well-balanced brew that’s smooth for espresso, but still has enough body to be a great milk coffee as well. Selecting the beans and origins for a blend is an extensive process, but the end result makes it all worth it.”

Jeremy travels the world to six different regions where he connects with farmer cooperatives. Here, beans are tried and tested against multiple factors before a bean is chosen.

“From selecting coffee, to the processing and roasting, then eventually cupped in the hands of your barista – the quality control has to be maintained at every step.”

There have been a few interesting coffee trends that have made their way to Australian shores, including avocado-latte, glitter coffee and coffee in a cone.

“Despite all the trends, Aussies are known for their consistent love of the flat white, followed closely by the cappuccino and latte,” says Jeremy. “Having said that, the piccolo latte is definitely having its moment, which coincided with the demand for less milky options that favour coffee quality over quantity.”

According to Jeremy, we will be seeing a few trends in 2018 that pay homage to Australians’ love for quality coffee as well as some that leave us feeling nostalgic.

“We’re seeing an increase in limited edition coffee sourced from specialised farms across the globe. Be it a single origin roast or seasonal blend, with distinct flavours that will take your coffee to the next level. Take our new Single Origin roast from Costa Rica for example, with notes of caramel coated peanuts upfront, lemon zest and a creamy chocolate finish. Aussies don’t settle for an average cup of joe.”

“On-trend sippers should keep an eye out for cold brew coffee, nitro coffee, and the return of filtered coffee machines — you know what they say, ‘what’s old is new again.’”