Last but definitely not least, say hello to our third Single Origin coffee for this month from Honduras! This coffee bean delivers a delicious contrast to our previous Single Origin from PNG.

Single origin coffee beans are not your average coffee beans. These are often picked by hand on family-run farms, and as the name suggests, only come from one place. This unique Single Origin coffee is a fresh harvest from Intibuca Microlot, Honduras.

The taste and quality of coffee is the direct result of the combination of the geographic diversity of the country and the meticulous work of our producers throughout the production chain. About 48% of the Honduran territory is forest land; mountainous regions, valleys and bio-diversity. Most of the country’s land is incredibly fertile and rich in nutrients – which is why Honduran coffee tastes so good. Check out the lush land on our coffee farm in Honduras!

While other large coffee-growing nations have been producing and exporting coffees for hundreds of years, Honduras has really come to prominence in the last two decades – now they are the largest coffee producers per capita in the world. Honduran coffee has become well known for its huge variety in flavours due to its complex and unique microclimates and this Microlot from Intibuca in the San Juan municipality is no different.

For our fellow coffee enthusiasts out there, here are the finer details:

Name: Intibuca Microlot

Producer: Molinos de Honduras

Region: San Juan

Country: Honduras

Process: Natural

Varietal: Catimor, Lempira

Altitude: 1300 – 1900 masl

Tasting Notes: Black Cherry, Walnut & Cocoa Nibs


Expect tasting notes of black cherry, walnut and cocoa nibs in this exotic Single Origin coffee from Honduras. Because of its flavour profile, we would recommend you try this tasty coffee with our famous Jamaica Blue Lemon Sugar Muffin for a balanced experience.

Head to your nearest Jamaica Blue franchise to try for yourself! If you share our love for excellent coffee, check out our brewing guide here.

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