Popular #ExtraBlue Characters through time

Racking your brain thinking about how many blue characters there have been throughout history? We’ve been having some fun putting together our favourite extra blue characters!

Marge Simpson

Marge and her big blue hair has to be one of the most recognisable “blue” characters for many people. But is it real or does she dye it? It was revealed in The Simpsons season 5 episode “Secrets of a Successful Marriage” that Marge has premature gray hair and infact dyes it blue. Quoting her husband Homer, “she’s been as gray as a mule since she was 17”.

Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Violet Beauregarde is one of the main characters in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. While not originally blue, Violet ends up as a blueberry after chewing on some gum that was actually a three-course dinner in a single piece of chewing gum. Ignoring warnings from Willy Wonka about potential side effects and the gum not being perfected, Violet chews her way through tomato soup and roast beef before it all goes wrong at dessert – blueberry pie and ice cream. The Oompa Loompas appear and roll Violet off to have the juice squeezed out of her. In the end, although she is no longer a blueberry, Violet stays blue as a part-human, part-blueberry hybrid.

Mystique from X-Men

Mystique is blue in her natural form, however as a shapeshifter, she can make herself look like anyone. Like many of the X-Men characters who are a variety of colours, Mystique is blue due to genetics. She was born blue, with her shapeshifting abilities becoming apparent as a pre-teen. Essentially, Mystique’s mutation not only allows her to become anyone, it makes her blue in her natural form.

Sulley from Monsters Inc

Sulley would have to be one of the most loved blue characters over the last 10 or so years. Covered in light teal fur, his stomach a shade of light blue and purple polka dots all over, it is also thought that Sulley’s skin is the same colour of his fur. Even his eyes are blue with dark teal eyebrows – certainly one extra blue character!

Sulley is the main protagonist in Monsters Inc, the Top Scarer and eventually, the CEO at Monsters Inc. If for some reason you haven’t seen Monsters Inc, it’s one to sit down and watch – kids or not.

Dory from Finding Nemo

Another favourite, especially of the kids, is Dory from Finding Nemo. This adorable, yet very forgetful character, plays a starring role in Finding Nemo, as well as in Finding Dory and there is a very good reason why she is blue! Dory is a blue-tang fish with short term memory loss, who helps Marlin find Nemo after he is taken by a diver.

Dory is one of the most like characters on Facebook from any Disney or Pixar film, with over 23 million likes.

Genie from Aladdin

A loved character by old and young, Genie from Aladdin is a popular character that was not only very extra, he was also very blue – and for a good reason too!

In the original animated Aladdin in 1992, Disney had a distinctive colour requirement for the characters. Red and dark colours were for the “baddies” while blue, turquoise and aqua colours were used for the “good” characters. Simple, the genie is blue, so audiences automatically know he is one of the good guys.

There is also another reason behind the use of the blue. The story of Aladdin of courses comes from One Thousand and One Nights or Arabian Nights. Genies or Jinn lay in rich tradition in Middle Eastern and Islamic tales. In Persian miniatures and tiled mosques, certain shades of blue stand out against the colours of the desert.  It is only natural then that a blue genie would stand out on screen against this yellow sandy background. #FunFacts!

The Smurfs

For those old enough to remember The Smurfs, you’ll remember how very blue they were. Someone certainly did their research when deciding on a colour for The Smurfs. They are blue due to a chemical known as psilocybin. This chemical is found in some types of mushrooms, and they just happen to be the mushrooms that Smurfs live in. Originally making an appearance in the Franco-Belgian comic series Johan et Pirlouit (or Johan and Peewit), they got their own independent stories in 1959 after proving to be hugely popular; and they are still popular today with all ages.

Which blue character would you like to share your favourite #ExtraBlue menu items with?!

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