Mountains of Joy | Mountain Blend Coffee

This autumn, we go back to our roots to celebrate where we got our name from – the Jamaica Blue Mountains, home to some of the world’s best coffee. We’re excited to introduce you to our joyful new Mountain Blend!

This limited-edition blend has a combination of delicious beans from some of the best coffee growing regions in the world including the renowned Jamaica Blue Mountains, Indonesia and Timor-Leste. We’ve search high and low to brew you this delicious beauty of a cup!

What makes this coffee blend a delicious cup?

The real hero of this new blend is the Jamaica Blue Mountain beans, known to be a silky smooth coffee with a vibrant acidity and little to no bitterness. Within our Mountain Blend, the Jamaica Blue Mountain beans work well to help round out the flavour profile of the coffee. When brewed, it’s a delicious cup that tastes of ripe blackcurrant, tropical fruit with a rich full body and a cocoa finish.

The combination of the beans brings to life a tropical delight that will take you to an island escape, even if it’s a for few minutes in your day as you take some time out.

So what makes the Jamaica Blue Mountain beans so special in this blend (and as a single origin coffee):
  • Unique growing conditions

The area where the coffee plants are grown is strictly controlled. In order to be classed as ‘Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee’, the plants must be grown at altitudes of 1,800 metres or above and within the Parishes of Portland, St Andrew, St Mary & St Thomas in Jamaica. The cool air, foggy atmosphere and volcanic soil make for the perfect grounds to cultivate coffee beans. Beans grown at this altitude are packed with incredible flavours, so that explains why the coffee tastes so good!

  • Blue Mountains is a small coffee growing region to compared to many others in the world

The size of the coffee-growing region in Jamaica is very small which means a limited supply of high quality coffee beans.

  • Picking the coffee cherries is labour-intensive

The unique growing conditions also mean that it takes twice as long for the coffee cherries to mature and to be harvested compared to other coffee regions. The grounds where the coffee is cultivated make it hard for pickers to harvest the crop – To reach the trees, they need to climb up the rocky and slippery slopes which can be at times dangerous.

  • Once coffee beans are picked, they’re hand-sorted

The Jamaican Coffee Industry Board quality controls the coffee beans by blindly evaluating & cupping the coffee. Only the best coffee beans that pass the test can be exported, while the lower quality beans are kept and used within Jamaica. This process implemented by the Jamaica government ensures that the high quality and reputation of the Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is maintained & upheld.


Countries of origin: Jamaica, Indonesia & Timor-Leste

Intensity: Rich full body

Flavour: Ripe blackcurrant, tropical fruit with and a cocoa finish.

Best served as: Delicious as an espresso or in your milky coffee

Accompaniment: Jamaica Blue Dark Choc Walnut Brownie

This blend is unique to Jamaica Blue cafes and every bean has been lovingly roasted in our coffee roastery in Melbourne, Australia.

Visit your local Jamaica Blue cafe franchise today to try this delicious blend and for home-brewers, you can order it direct from our online shop!