Here at Jamaica Blue, we pride ourselves on excellent coffee.

Today we want to share coffee brewing tips with you from our resident coffee expert Sebastian. So now you can enjoy aromatic and delicious coffee in the comfort of your own home – or wherever you decide to make your own coffee!

Espresso Machine Tips:

When brewing with your home espresso machine, freshly ground is always best – Espresso machine require fine ground coffee. Depending on how make your coffee, you may want to have a stronger and more concentrated espresso for milk coffees or a longer and more balanced espresso for black coffees.

When you’re tuning in your coffee to taste, you can generally control:

  1. Dose = The amount of coffee. This is best checked with scales and must be coordinated with your espresso weight.
  2. The extraction is best measured by time. This is controlled using your grind setting on your grinder. Grind Setting – Rule of thumb: Coarser = faster shots. Finer = slower shots
  3. Espresso Weight = The liquid weight of your espresso. This combined with your dose is how you control strength. Rule of thumb: High dose, low espresso weight = Stronger concentration. Low dose, high espresso weight = Weaker concentration.

Espresso Machine – Milk Coffee (Double Espresso):

  • Dose – 20g
  • Shot Time – 28 seconds
  • Espresso Weight – 40g

Espresso Machine – Black Coffee (Double Espresso):

  • Dose – 20g
  • Shot Time – 28 seconds
  • Espresso Weight – 40g

Stove top Tips:

When brewing coffee for stove top, a grind setting slightly coarser than espresso is required. You can use either freshly ground or carefully stored pre-ground coffee beans. The desirable beverage for stove top is a strong black beverage that you can either drink stand-alone or with a dash of milk.

  • Dose – 9g (heaped teaspoon)
  • Water – 100mL
  • Add 9g of coffee and 100mL of water for an extra cup.

Pour Over:

When using a pour over style coffee or other filter coffee using a paper filter, the ideal beverage is a nice and light dilution that’s almost tea-like. We need coarse ground coffee beans (like coarse sand or breadcrumbs) and clean, filtered hot water just off the boil to create the perfect cup.

  • You ratio you will need to work with is: 6g of coffee, per 100mL of water
  • For one cup = 12g/200mL

When pouring, introduce a 25mL of hot water and saturate all the coffee grounds and let it rest for 25 seconds. After this, slowly introduce the rest of the water ensuring to saturate the grounds evenly. The flow of water should slow to a drip from the base at between 2 and 3 minutes.


An Aeropress is a great way of making either a strong concentrated filter coffee, or a light, tea-like coffee. It is best to use a coarse grind setting and clean, filtered hot water just off the boil. Follow the below instruction for a light brew, and add more coffee to make it stronger and more concentrated.

  • 16g coffee/240ml water.
  • Add 25ml of water to coffee grounds, rest for 25 seconds. Pour the rest of the water into the press, rest and begin a steady and even press into a sturdy mug. Finish your press at 1:45 seconds.

Want to practice what you’ve just learned? Head over here to buy some beans for home use!

Don’t feel like doing all the work? Head to your nearest Jamaica Blue franchise for a cup of expertly made coffee, without lifting a finger!