Should you add milk to your coffee?

Did you know there are more reasons to add milk to coffee other than taste? ?☕

Here are some surprising reasons why adding milk to your order can be a good idea:


1. Add milk to coffee because it naturally adds 8 essential nutrients

Dairy milk naturally provides 8 essential nutrients in every 250mL glass, so adding some to your coffee helps add to your day. As part of a healthy balanced diet, dairy milk in your coffee helps contribute:

  • Protein – for muscle growth, development and repair
  • Calcium and phosphorous – for strong bones and teeth
  • Iodine – for healthy cognitive function
  • Vitamin B5 – for mental performance
  • Potassium – for muscle function and to help with hydration


2. Add milk if you suffer from acidity

For some people, black coffee may trigger acid indigestion, but there are still ways you can enjoy coffee. Try adding milk into your coffee next time, we’re proud to source our milk from @dairyfarmersau @pura_australia and @mastersmilk


3. Natural energy

When consumed as part of a balanced diet, the iodine in the milk we use at Jamaica Blue cafes supplied by Pura, Dairy Farmers and Masters, support your energy metabolism. The B vitamins help reduce tiredness and fatigue to maintain your body’s oomph – naturally!


4. Sports recovery

Always on the move? Dairy milk is the perfect addition to your coffee. It naturally contains protein and potassium that, as part of a balanced diet, are ideal for:

  • Refuelling energy
  • Repairing muscles and promoting muscle growth
  • Rehydration after activity

We only use the best milk to serve you the best coffee in every cup. All dairy milk served at Jamaica Blue is sourced from Bega who bring you Aussie made milk from Dairy Farmers, Pura and Masters. Learn more about our supplier here.


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