Terms & Conditions for Jamaica Blue Gift Cards

Terms & Conditions

Jamaica Blue Gift Card Terms and Conditions 

  • Gift Cards are valid for 36 months from the date of issue. 
  • Gift Cards are non-refundable and cannot be redeemed for cash. 
  • You must treat your Gift Card as cash as they will not be replaced if lost or stolen. 
  • Gift Cards can be redeemed to the value of the products and any additional amount can be paid via cash or card. 
  • There are no fees or charges payable when redeeming the gift card. Normal bank or credit card charges may apply when the balance is paid by card. 
  • There is no limit on the amount of transactions available while there is a balance on the gift card it can continue to be used. 
  • Gift Cards may not be used to purchase products online. 
  • The physical gift card must be presented in cafe to redeem or top up. 
  • Gift Cards can be topped up and reused once the balance is finished. 
  • If a Gift Card has expired it cannot be reactivated. 
  • If a Gift Card is topped up the existing balance extends to expire 36 months from the top up date. After the gift card has expired, it is no longer valid, and all transactions will be declined. Unused value may not be refunded and may become our property. 
  • Gift Cards have a minimum $10 value and a maximum $200 value per card. 
  • If a Gift Card is topped up it also has a minimum $10 value and maximum $200 value per card. 
  • Gift Cards are redeemable at participating Australian Jamaica Blue Cafes.  
  • If you think there has been a mistaken transaction on your gift card, contact the cafe where the mistake was made. When a proper response has not been provided then please contact Jamaica Blue directly via https://jamaicablue.com.au/guest-feedback/  
  • Gift Card balances can be checked either in at participating Australian Jamaica Blue Cafes or online. 
  • If you have a query or complaint about the gift card, please contact us here https://jamaicablue.com.au/guest-feedback/  

* Check your local Jamaica Blue Cafe to see if they are participating.