Single Origin Tanzania Coffee Jamaica Blue



Single origin coffee beans are not your average coffee beans. These are often picked by hand on family-run farms, and as the name suggests, only come from one place. Jamaica Blue’s first seasonal single origin of 2020 is a fresh harvest from the foothills of Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa.

This coffee, from the Mwika North Cooperative, is a collaborative effort of the surrounding farmers and was selected because of its excellent quality in the cup. This coffee bean has been fully washed, fermented and dried to deliver a consistently clean and sweet profile.


Jamaica Blue Single Origin Tanzania Coffee

Upgrade your coffee drinking experience with our limited edition single origin coffee from Tanzania. This coffee provides delicate citrus and berry notes when tasted as a black coffee. With milk, the coffee takes on rich, chocolate notes with a smooth finish. Next time you’re in, don’t forget to try it for yourself!


To enjoy the delicious flavours in a cup of Tanzania Single Origin, we recommend ordering it as a long black or a creamy latte.

As a latte it’s very sweet and chocolatey, this coffee is naturally sweet and low in bitterness so its great for the customer looking for something a little more mild and delicate. Best to sit down and enjoy this with our tasty Avo Smash with crumbled feta, maple glazed bacon, seeds & poached egg on sourdough ??

As a long black we’re getting some lovely complex notes of blackcurrant and brighter citrus notes. We recommend this with a savoury croissant for those looking for the perfect on-the-go option!

Our Tanzania Single Origin coffee is only available for a limited time, so head to your nearest Jamaica Blue franchise for the caffeine highlight of your day. Be sure to explore our other menu items that you can pair with your coffee! – All our cafes are open & offering takeaway now!