It takes hard work and dedication to succeed

Kenneth Ting’s work ethic is unmatched – Owning not one, but two Jamaica Blue cafes in the space of just over 3 years. He opened his first Jamaica Blue in Waterford, Western Australia a little more than 3 years ago and more recently took on his second site around 6 months ago at Midland Gate.

Ken had previously worked in another cafe franchise, so he understood the franchise model. Having heard positive things about Jamaica Blue, Ken decided to start the conversation with the Jamaica Blue development team. They would kept him in the loop with any opportunities that arose and when the cafe, just ten minutes away from Ken’s home became available, he knew it was the perfect chance to get more involved.

Like with any new business venture, Ken highlights that due diligence is very important before starting out. He researched the brand extensively and spoke to a number of other business owners about the franchise to gain an objective perspective, before taking the plunge. Ken also took the local area into consideration to ensure the business would be viable. His first Jamaica Blue site in Waterford is close to Curtin University and decided that the location could work in his favour.

Through his efforts, Ken gained a deeper insight into Jamaica Blue’s current strategies as well as the future direction of the brand. As a younger business owner, he found that owning a franchise was the best option for him, as opposed to starting up an entirely new business from scratch. Being apart of the Jamaica Blue franchise enables owners to increase their knowledge in all key business area, thanks to the wealth of experience that comes from a brand that’s been successfully operating for more than 25 years and the team of professionals who assist and support you through your journey.

Ken also found that a lot of his values aligned with the brand. He says that the team is passionate, and the stakeholders within the business are treated fairly. He also could see how Jamaica Blue is innovating and constantly looking at ways to reinvigorate the brand to maintain its edge in a competitive retail environment. These were key considerations that Ken took into account when making his decision, which highlighted to him the potential growth opportunities.

Since becoming a business owner, Ken has learnt a lot along the way. “Having passion and dedication in whatever you’ve committed yourself to is important for success. Being genuine and taking pride in the cafe is also important and shows customers that you truly care, which is rewarded with customer loyalty.”

This passion and dedication allowed Ken to seize the opportunity to invest in a second Jamaica Blue business. Following on from his success in Waterford, Ken saw potential for the Midland Gate location which offered a busy cafe setting within the heart of a redeveloped shopping centre.

If there’s one thing prospective franchisees can learn from Ken, is that you reap what you sow. Researching, saving and investing is only the first steps in your business journey, the best (and probably the hardest) part is yet to come. The more passionate and invested you are in your business, the more likely you’ll to be rewarded with favourable outcomes. It’s a continual learning process and there will be many ups & downs along the way but take these learning as an opportunity to constantly improve yourself – especially the failures, as they help shape your success.

If you’re ready to take on a similar journey and be your own boss, there are a number of Jamaica Blue opportunities available Australia wide. Get in touch today and find out more!