10th Annual Barista Competition!

The Jamaica Blue team handpicked five pairs of baristas from 120 Jamaica Blue cafés, inviting them to compete in the 10th Annual Barista competition.

A grueling, caffeine fueled two days followed during which the passionate baristas were put through a series of challenges, testing their creativity, technique, knowledge, team work and speed of service.

Here’s a taste of some of the challenges below!

The wheel of fortune: Baristas spun a wheel featuring a series of latte art designs, from a complex rosetta to a simple heart. The competitors’ fates lay in the hands of the spinning wheel as they recreated these designs under the scrupulous eyes of the judges and onlooking crowd.

Hustle and Bustle competition: Recreating the busy and demanding café environment, our baristas were challenged to create a high volume of coffees in a limited time under the watchful eye of the judges.

Cup tasting: Three Jamaica Blue coffees were served in unmarked cups, the baristas had to sip, taste and smell to identify the different coffees.

All teams performed incredibly well under the pressure, producing some beautiful latte art. We are so proud to have such talented baristas on our team! The judges selected baristas Alex and Choi from Warringah Mall as the winners of the 10th Annual Jamaica Blue Barista competition. Congratulations!